Casa Las Tortugas

  • Surrender to island living

Casa Las Tortugas

Holbox Island, Mexico

Wake up to the sound of the island, the air whistling through palm leaves, the water as it reaches the sand, the song of waterbirds… Holbox is where incredible stories begin. At the end of the day, on Holbox island, home is where family is, and Casa las Tortugas is a big, embracing family. That feeling of returning home, even a place we haven’t visited yet, is exactly the idea of this hotel. Holbox is a vibrant island suspended in time. It is a place with a fascinating history, a cornucopia painted in shades of blue, with calm and fascinating qualities, filled with beaches and uncountable palm trees. At Casa Las Tortugas, our family is a group of like-minded people that have become like a family, helping to build the hotel with their ideas and hard work. They are visionaries, explorers, and friends all working toward the goal of making your stay the ultimate home away from home.

At its core, Casa las Tortugas is exactly that: home. It was built as a family home with its doors always open to welcome friends and guests alike....welcome.


Room Types - all include Breakfast, A/C

Beachfront for 2 - King bed, private balcony or terrace

Beachfront for 4 - 1 King suite, 1 Queen Suite, private balcony/terrace

Master Suite - Upper suites w/King bed, private balcony/terrace

Suite - circling the peaceful pool or garden w/ King bed and private balcony/terrace


Weddings/Special Ceremonies

Driving Directions