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Ixchel Beach Hotel

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Off the coast of Cancun lies a magical island.  Very small, measuring less than a kilometer wide in some places, Isla Mujeres is a compact getaway island with a lot to offer.  Tuquoise Reef Group continues to look for boutique beachfront resorts which offer value and options for families as well as the, "romantically inclined," shall we say.  We think we have found this at Ixchel Beach Hotel.  Big enough to provide what you need for an incredible beach vacation, soft sand, beach chairs, a refreshing pool, multiple dining options, etc., Ixchel also takes the concept of "family vacation," to the ultimate.  With one, two and even a three bedroom penthouse suites, a family can sleep up to 8 people in one of Ixchel's amazing suites, with so many of them offering kitchenettes so if you don't want to do the three meal a day vacation at restaurants, you can cook and prepare meals youself with paradise view of the Caribbean Sea in front of you.

At Ixchel, you can relax, or not, knowing you are steps away from town, only a short ferry ride to Cancun and the Riviera Maya or your very comfortable suite on the ocean.  It is what we have been looking for, and you too.

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One, Two, Even Three Bedrooms

Many With Kitchenettes