La Zebra Tulum

  • White Sandy Beaches Of La Zebra 

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La Zebra Tulum

Tulum, Mexico

La Zebra Tulum Is The Perfect Escape

Turquoise Reef Group will never stop looking for the types of boutique, laid-back, restful and authentic properties that made us the go-to resource for Riviera Maya travel.

And, we have found another one.  We are delighted to expand our offerings in the paradise of Tulum by adding yet another famous boutique hotel from the Colibri Family Collection:  La Zebra Tulum.  La Zebra offers a picture perfect beach vacation for all, from couples to families, from young to old, everyone will enjoy the swaying coco palms, the relaxing beach vibe, the endless white sand and the colorful Caribbean Sea.  All of which have made La Zebra one of Tulum's favorite hotels.

Accommodations are comfortable but simple, the point being not to pool-hop and bar-crawl but to walk the few steps to the beach, lie under a thatched umbrella parasol or swaying palm, wade into the blue and turquoise water, or just be there.  The essentials are all here; hammocks, a beachside bar and plenty of your own uncrowded white sand beach.  You are one of the lucky guests.  Enjoy.

La Zebra features 16 rooms and is in constant high demand.  Book early, and enjoy the true boutique feel of Turquoise Reef Group in the Riviera Maya.

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